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"If we can talk about mental illness, so can you."
On PBS, online and in the community, MINDS ON THE EDGE is expanding the conversation about mental illness. Join us in encouraging this urgently needed dialogue everywhere from kitchen tables to coffee shops, from town halls to state houses, in libraries and at professional meetings. Answers we need to meet this challenge can only emerge from a robust public conversation.
You are a critical part of this civic dialogue.
Start the conversation with friends, neighbors and colleagues.
There are so many ways to take part.
  • Share your experience and your views and be a part of the online community.
    1. Email web links to people who would want to consider these issues.
    2. Join the fan page and use yours to spread the word.
    3. Follow us on and retweet to your followers.
    4. Contribute your perspective on
  • Check out Project Toolkit for how-to guidance and helpful tools that make it easy to bring people together.
    1. Host a house party to watch the program.
    2. Organize a screening and discussion at a local library or community center.
    3. Engage your faith community with an event your place of worship.
    4. Adult Education Programs can use MINDS ON THE EDGE as a catalyst for a course.
  • Involve your organization so that it will be part of the dialogue.

The MINDS ON THE EDGE project is working with organizations large and small to create opportunities for open, productive dialogue about the challenges of severe mental illness.

Public television and radio stations, medical societies and other professional groups, government agencies and community-based organizations are using MINDS ON THE EDGE as a catalyst. Learn about the IMPACT.

Contact us if your organization would like information about joining this national campaign.
Be a part of it, and a voice for progress.
Tools to help plan an event.
Ignite a conversation about
mental illness.
Tools to help get your community involved.
Sumbit a video response to our