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"If we can talk about mental illness, so can you."
On PBS, online and in the community, MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness is expanding the conversation about mental illness. The MINDS ON THE EDGE You Tube Channel has dozens of true stories that have been watched by thousands of people.

Visit the YouTube Channel to see these compelling stories told by people in recovery as well as family members. They provide valuable insight into the lived experience of mental illness.

Tell Your Story
Add your story to the MINDS ON THE EDGE YouTube Channel. Follow these simple instructions to make your video. Be sure to tag it so that your story will become part of the YouTube Channel.
  • Tell your story
    1. Share your experience on camera.
    2. Be concise. Tell your story in 2-3 minutes.
    3. End your story with the campaign slogan "If I can talk about mental illness, so can you."
  • Upload and tag your videos
  • Make sure to add TAGs when you upload to YouTube. These will help us to identify your story. Use these tags:

    1. Fred Friendly Seminars
    2. Minds on the Edge
    3. Mental Illness
    4. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other of your choice.
    5. Organization or institution you are a part of (if applicable)
  • Alert us of new content
    1. Contact Us and let us know what you've posted.
Video Format:
YouTube will accept AVI, WMV, MOVE and MPG files. However, the video file must be no larger than 100MB.
Please share your experience and your views and be part of the online community.