Olivia's Story
Olivia and Civil Commitment
Does Dr. Skale's description match your understanding of bipolar disorder?
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If your child was unwilling to submit to what you felt was necessary treatment, would you seek involuntary commitment for him/her?

Who is in the best position to decide if a person should be forced to have treatment?

The process and standards for civil commitment can arouse strong feelings because the stakes can be high, there is the potential for abuse, and the notion of individual freedom is so central to American belief in human rights.

These organizations are engaged in these legal and ethical issues:

The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

The Center for Public Representation

The Treatment Advocacy Center

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Fewer than 1/3 of adults with a diagnosable mental disorder recieve any mental health service in a given year.

Kathy Flaherty had an experience remarkably similar to "Olivia's." Today she is an attorney.

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